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Champions crowned in YSCC Bowling

Champions crowned in YSCC Bowling

AUGUSTA, ME (YSCC) – AUGUSTA, ME – The YSCC Bowling Tournament took place at Sparetime Recreation in Augusta, ME this past weekend with team play kicking off the tournament on Saturday and individual competition on Sunday.


10 teams from 5 schools began team tournament play on Saturday that saw close competition early on between UMA, Vermont Tech, Unity, NHTI, and Paul Smith College. Paul Smith College would eventually have both their 1st and 2nd team faceoff in the finals with Paul Smith's (1) edging out Paul Smith's (2) 569 to 555.6.

In individual play the top 20 and men and women competed to determine who would make it into the Final Four. On the men's side: Taylor West (738), Chris Beckwith (608), Ben McInerney (592), and Kyle Martin (570) (all from Paul Smith's). On the women's side: Jessica Korkemaz- Paul Smiths (555), Kalei Fenn-Paul Smith's (463), Grace Chorpenning - Unity (422), and Lindsey Clark- UMA (414) made the Final Four.

Jessica Korkemaz rolled a 212 and Taylor West rolled a 234 in the finals making them the YSCC Individual Bowling Champions for 2017.  All the results can be found below.  

        2017 YSCC Individual Men
Rank First Name Last Name School Score:    
1 Taylor West Paul Smith's 738    
2 Chris Beckwith paul Smith's 608    
3 Ben McInerney Paul Smith's 592    
4 Kyle Martin Paul Smith's 570    
5 Chris Comeau NHTI 557    
6 Harrison Heist Vermont Tech 538    
7 Jon Herman Paul Smith's 531    
8 Matt Jerome paul Smith's 518    
9 Brandon Johnson Paul Smith's 502    
10 Mark McHugh Paul Smith's 484    
11 Joseph DeAilla NHTI 477    
12 Mark Hoyt Unity 447    
13 Richard Cormier UMA-Augusta 430    
14 Chris Barley NHTI 418    
15 Frank Keegan Paul Smith's 418    
16 Jordan Graffius Paul Smith's 418    
17 Anthony Guimond UMA-Augusta 417    
18 Scott Perry NHTI 415    
19 Stephen Matos Paul Smith's 380    
20 Kyle Rigney Unity 378    
21 Jordan Bastian NHTI 327    
Final 4:            
1 Taylor West Paul Smith's      
2 Chris Beckwith paul Smith's      
3 Ben McInerney Paul Smith's      
4 Kyle Martin Paul Smith's      
Round 1            
Taylor West Paul Smith's 213      
Chris Beckwith paul Smith's 196      
Ben McInerney Paul Smith's 181      
Kyle Martin Paul Smith's 169      
Taylor West Paul Smith's 234      
Kyle Martin Paul Smith's 226      
Chris Beckwith paul Smith's 234      
Ben McInerney Paul Smith's 174      
Final Standings:            
Taylor West Paul Smith's League Champion      
Kyle Martin Paul Smith's 2nd      
Chris Beckwith paul Smith's 3rd      
Ben McInerney Paul Smith's 4th